Crimmigration Clinic

Crimmigration Clinic

Mr. Philip Torrey
Spring 2015 clinic
2 clinical credits

Students who enroll in this clinic may count the credits towards the JD experiential learning requirement.

Required Course Component: Crimmigration: The Intersection of Criminal Law and Immigration Law (2 fall credits). Students who enroll in this required course are then eligible to apply to the Crimmigration Clinic.
Additional Co-/Pre-Requisites: None.
By Permission: Yes.
Add/Drop Deadline: January 16, 2015.
LLM Students: LLM students may apply to the clinic if they are enrolled in the required fall 2014 course component.

In the Crimmigration Clinic students will work on cutting-edge issues regarding the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. For example, students may work on amicus briefs or policy memoranda concerning the rising use of immigration detention, due process concerns in crime-based removal proceedings or constitutional issues arising from state enforcement of federal immigration laws. Students may also research and draft response letters to detainees in criminal or immigration custody who are facing deportation because of their criminal history. Clinical work will be performed at HLS, under the supervision of Lecturer on Law and Clinical Instructor Phil Torrey, and in collaboration with non-profit organizations, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, and the Immigrant Defense Project, which specialize in crimmigration-related litigation and policy initiatives.

Enrollment in the Crimmigration Clinic is by application only and is capped at eight students. The course, Crimmigration: The Intersection of Criminal Law and Immigration Law, which is offered in the Fall 2014 semester, is a prerequisite for enrollment in the Crimmigration Clinic. Students enrolled in the Fall 2014 course will receive more information about the Spring clinical component and the process by which to apply throughout the Fall semester.

Subject Areas: International, Comparative & Foreign Law, Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Procedure & Practice