Lawyers, Doctors, Ethics, and Professionalism

Lawyers, Doctors, Ethics, and Professionalism

Professor I. Glenn Cohen, Ms. Rebecca Brendel
Spring 2014 reading group
T 7:15pm - 9:15pm
1 classroom credit

Prof. I. Glenn Cohen (HLS) and Assistant Prof. Rebecca Brendel (HMS)

This reading group will meet for 6 two-hour blocks in the Spring semester. It will cross-enroll Harvard Law and Harvard Medical school students to explore the ways in which professional responsibility and ethical issues common to law and medicine are handled by the two professions. Potential topics to be covered include: rationing; fiduciary responsibilities; lawyering and doctoring in war; truth-telling and privileges (including duties to warn); origins of professionalism; organizational form, self-dealing, referrals, and other financial conflicts of interest. The course will be taught by one HLS and one HMS professor. Half the sessions will be at HLS and half at HMS. The course is pass/fail, there is no written work or examination, and the expectation is that students will attend EVERY session having read all materials and ready to participate.

Enrollment is by permission of instructor. Interested students should send an email to Prof. Cohen's assistant,, describing the student's interest and background pertinent to the reading group by Tuesday, October 15.

This reading group will meet in the Petrie-Flom Center, 23 Everett Street, Third Floor on the following dates: Jan 28, Feb 4, March 11, March 25, April 1, and April 8.

Subject Areas: Legal Profession, Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility