Critical Legal Studies - A Retrospective

Critical Legal Studies - A Retrospective

Professor Jon Hanson
Spring 2014 seminar
M 5:00pm - 7:00pm in WCC Room 3016
2 classroom credits

Admission with permission of instructor only.

Substantively this seminar will focus on scholarship associated with critical legal studies ("CLS"), with a particular focus on that of Professor Duncan Kennedy, as well as on the work of scholars who have engaged with CLS. Although the CLS movement is a thing of the past, its effects continue to permeate legal theory and law. One goal of this seminar is to examine some of the context‹ historical, intellectual, political, social, and economic‹of the CLS movement and some of the effects that CLS scholarship continues to have. A second goal is to create a set of recorded interviews that may be of use to other law students and legal scholars with an interest in those topics.

(Professor Kennedy will not be an instructor in this seminar but has generously agreed to make himself available for the requisite interviews.)

Students' work for the seminar will be somewhat unconventional. Students will, for instance, write a variety of blog posts (including short essays) about CLS-related scholarship. In addition, students will each plan, conduct, and edit an audio interview of Duncan Kennedy. Students will learn to blog, conduct interviews, and edit digital audio files. They will publish much of their work online ­ including on the class website and blog. Students will share responsibility with the instructor for planning and implementing this seminar.

Participation in this limited-enrollment seminar is with permission of the instructor only. Students need not have had any experience blogging or audio editing. Interested students should send a brief statement of interest to with the words "Critical Legal Studies Seminar" in the subject line.


By permission of instructor