Business and Finance for Lawyers

Business and Finance for Lawyers

Professor Ashish Nanda
Spring 2013 course
F 1:00pm - 5:00pm in WCC Room 5044; F 1:00pm - 3:15pm in WCC Room 5044
3 classroom credits

Expected learning outcomes

The course should help the participants acquire the following skills and capabilities using asynchronous learning technology (online learning supplemented with personalized coaching):

  • Introduction to the language of business

  • Comprehension of financial statements

  • Familiarity with principles of valuation

  • Business communication and presentation skills

  • Project management and team skills

  • Pre-Requirements:

  • Self-Paced Excel tutorial

  • Participants commit to stay engaged for the entire course

  • Participants commit to working in 4-hour blocks each Friday

  • Content themes:

  • Business Presentation Fundamentals

  • Business Research

  • Business Strategy, Innovation, and Brand

  • Income Statements

  • Balance Sheets

  • Cash Flow

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Drivers of Value

  • Free Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Project Valuation

  • Ratio Analysis and Capital Markets

  • Course structure:

    The course will begin with a class session where the content of the program, its pedagogic approach, team structure, final project, and written paper requirement will be discussed and student questions will be answered. The session will be led by Professor Nanda and will introduce the teams and the session coaches to the students.

    It will be followed by eleven sessions that will introduce the content outlined above. The sessions will be organized as weekly four-hour sessions on Friday afternoons from 1 -5pm. Students will come to a classroom dedicated for the sessions. All the content for each session will be delivered from an online platform with dedicated coaching available. Each four-hour block will include a combination of individual work, team work, and exercises. Except for pre-requirements, the only work outside of the four-hour blocks that is expected would be for students to keep a journal of their experiences and learning in each session.

    The twelfth and thirteenth sessions will be four hour sessions each, focused on a final team project.

    At the end of the course, the students will submit to Professor Nanda a written paper outlining their experiences, learning, and critiques of the asynchronous learning model to which they have been exposed. Students will be encouraged to submit an interim short outline of the paper somewhere between the sixth and the eighth session, so that they can get mid-course feedback on their paper.

    Students will be graded solely on the final paper.

    Session timing:

  • Four hour blocks on Friday afternoons, 1-5pm

  • Session location:

  • Sessions will be conducted in WCC 5044

  • Technical requirements:

  • Web-enabled laptops with integrated high quality video cameras embedded (students to provide)

  • Dedicated headphones/microphone sets for each participant (students to provide)