Population-Level Bioethics

Population-Level Bioethics

Ms. Holly Lynch
Spring 2013 reading group
W 5:00pm - 7:00pm
1 classroom credit

This reading group examines issues in ethics and health policy, including a basic account of justice and health; ethical critique of maximization methodologies, including cost-effectiveness analysis; individual and social responsibility for health; and other topics. The course is taught by multiple instructors from across the university who will rotate between sessions, bringing together philosophical, medical and legal bioethicists from across the university, some of the leading scholars in the world on these subjects.

Enrollment is by-permission of the instructor. Submit a maximum one page description of interest in the subject, relevant course work (particularly in political philosophy and/or bioethics, or other relevant background) via Kaitlin Burroughs (kburroughs@law.harvard.edu) by December 15.

There is no written work for this reading group. It is pass/fail. To pass students are expected to have done the reading, attend each session, and participate.

Please note that although this is 1 Credit Reading Group it meets every week of the semester for two hours at the Petie-Flom Center.

The course is open to HLS, HSPH, FAS, HMS, KSG, and any other graduate student at the university.