Workshop on Crime and Criminal Justice Reform in Global Context

Workshop on Crime and Criminal Justice Reform in Global Context

Dr. Todd Foglesong
Spring 2013 course
T 4:10pm - 6:00pm
2 classroom credits

This workshop involves students in the comparative study of the operation of criminal justice systems, examining strategies for controlling crime and delivering justice across many different countries. The course combines reading, lecture, and discussion with work in small groups on a current project of practical reform in one or more of the governments collaborating with the Kennedy School's Program in Criminal Justice Policy & Management. Contingent on funding, students may be able to conduct field work in support of these projects over Spring Break. The course first reviews reforms underway in China, Turkey, and Russia, and the response to crises in criminal justice the United Kingdom and United States. It then examines the governance and measurement of criminal justice in Jamaica, Nigeria, and Ethiopia, and the practices of international development organizations for promoting justice, safety, and rule of law. Students with prior course work or professional experience in criminal law or procedure, law enforcement, criminal justice, or criminology will be in a strong position to take full advantage of the course material, but the workshop is open to all students.

Note: This course is cross-listed with HKS as SUP-701.

UPDATE: Enrollment in this course will now require the permission of the instructor.

Please send an email to the instructor, Todd Foglesong ( explaining your interest in the course and any relevant background experience or course work. In your statement of interest, which should not exceed 200 words, be sure to answer three questions: 1) What example or experience of injustice or insecurity most motivates your interest in this class? 2) What don’t you understand about this example or experience? What’s puzzling or irksome? 3) What might you do with a better understanding of this example or experience?

The deadline to submit a request is January 7. Decisions will be made by the 14th of January.

Subject Areas: Criminal Law & Procedure, International, Comparative & Foreign Law