Revitalizing America's Cities

Revitalizing America's Cities

Professor Charles Ogletree
Spring 2013 course
M, T 1:00pm - 2:30pm in Austin Hall Room 101 - East
3 classroom credits

The course is designed to examine the major challenges that cities face in the 21st century, challenges ranging from home rule to education alternatives to employment to health care, as well as ways of revitalizing the 21st century city.

This course will focus on the relationship between cities and to some extent, counties and rural areas, and their relationship to state, federal, and international authorities. The required text for the course is City Bound: How States Stifle Urban Innovation (Cornell University Press 2008) by Professors Gerald Frug and David Barron. A number of additional articles will be presented during the course. In addition to learning more about the challenges facing cities in the 21st century, students will have the opportunity to take clinical credits and work with cities and counties in addressing the critical challenges they face in efforts to govern and provide meaningful benefits to all of its residents government.

The course requirements are two response papers (2-4 pages double spaced) during the semester and a 20 to 25 page paper at the end of the term. There are no prerequisites for the course and it is open to first year students.

Subject Areas: Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Government Structure & Function