Law, Economics, and Organizations Research

Law, Economics, and Organizations Research

Professor Louis Kaplow, Professor Kathryn Spier
Fall 2012 seminar
M 12:30pm - 2:00pm in WCC Room 3016
1 classroom credit

Professor Louis Kaplow, Professor Kathryn Spier, Professor Oliver Hart, Assistant Professor Holger Spamann

This seminar will involve the presentation by speakers of papers in the fields of law and economics, law and finance, and contract theory. The two-credit seminar will meet for one and a half hours for two-thirds of the weeks in each of the two terms. Lunch will be served. A student may take the seminar for only one term, for one credit (2 credit fall/spring terms, 1 credit fall term, or 1 credit spring term). The seminar is given jointly with the FAS Economics Department, and should be taken only by students with substantial prior interest in and exposure to economic analysis. (If you have questions about this, please contact Professor Kaplow.) Students may satisfy the course requirement either by submitting, before sessions, short written comments on the paper to be presented or by writing a short seminar paper on an approved topic.

Oliver Hart is Andrew E. Furer Professor of Economics in the Economics Department.

Subject Areas: Business Organization, Commercial Law, and Finance