Socio-Economic Rights

Socio-Economic Rights

Justice Sandile Ngcobo
Fall 2012 course
M, T 8:30am - 10:00am in WCC Room 1023
3 classroom credits

This is a three-credit course. This course is about the protection of socio-economic rights, such as the rights to healthcare, food, housing, social security, and education. It will address the foundations and historical origins of socio-economic rights, examine and critically assess some of the objections (legal, philosophical and economical) that have been raised to such rights, and consider efforts to protect socio-economic rights through international, regional and national human rights mechanisms. Drawing upon the experience in national courts of selected countries, such as South Africa, India, the United States and Ireland, it will then consider the adjudication of socio-economic rights. This part of the course will look at issues of justiciability, separation of powers and remedies. Finally, the course will look at socio-economic rights and social change.

Course Materials

Reading materials will be distributed to students a week prior to each class and will include suggestions for further reading.


Students will be assess on the basis of reflection papers submitted in response to a selection of the weekly reading materials, as well as course paper on a topic approved by the instructor by the end of October.

Subject Areas: Human Rights, International, Comparative & Foreign Law