Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights Advocacy (Fall Clinical)

Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights Advocacy (Fall Clinical)

Professor Tyler Giannini, Professor Susan Farbstein
Fall 2011 clinic
2, 3, or 4 clinical credits

This clinical seminar will offer advanced training on a variety of skills relevant to the work of human rights advocates. It is designed for students who already have at least one semester of experience in the International Human Rights Clinic. Students will develop leadership skills crucial for building a career in human rights, such as how to manage projects, set and advance human rights agendas, mobilize constituencies, and supervise other members of a team. Students will refine their advocacy skills through advanced role-plays of media interviews, fact-finding, and legislative hearings. The seminar will also explore professional ethics and responsibilities by drawing from scenarios based on human rights practitioners' experiences in the field. Finally, the seminar will consider organizational questions, including different institutional cultures and how to build human rights organizations. Students will have an opportunity to workshop clinical projects and undertake in-depth participatory evaluation of advocacy and litigation strategies.

A Fall clinical practice component is required of all students. Clinical placements are with the International Human Rights Clinic of the Human Rights Program. Clinic projects will involve work in small groups in collaboration with human rights NGOs, law firms, governments, and/or inter-governmental bodies. Enrollment is through clinical registration.

Co-requisite: Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights Advocacy clinical seminar (2 Fall class credits).

Pre-requisite: This course is for 3Ls only. Students must have completed a prior clinical semester in the HLS International Human Rights Clinic.