Humanitarian Protection in Situations of Armed Conflict: Clinical Seminar

Humanitarian Protection in Situations of Armed Conflict: Clinical Seminar

Ms. Bonnie Docherty
Spring 2011 seminar
2 classroom credits

Situations of armed conflict raise particular challenges for legal practitioners and rights advocates. This clinical seminar will focus on protections for civilians during and after armed conflict. After a brief review of relevant international humanitarian law and human rights law, the course will explore several methodologies that practitioners use to promote civilian protection standards, assessing both the promises and limitations of each strategy. The course will also introduce students to the practical and analytical skills they need to work in the field.

The seminar will consider a wide spectrum of humanitarian protection tools, such as public shaming by field researchers, international and grassroots campaigning by civil society, peacekeeping, and international criminal law. The seminar will also consider analytical tools that can be helpful in determining the most appropriate strategy for particular situations of armed conflict.

In addition to reading relevant literature and participating in class discussion, students will take part in role-playing exercises on fact-finding, media work, conflict analysis, and public briefing skills.

A spring clinical practice component is required of all students. Clinical placements are with the International Human Rights Clinic. Enrollment is through clinical registration. Please refer to the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs website for clinical registration dates, early add/drop deadlines, and other relevant information.

Subject Areas: Human Rights, International, Comparative & Foreign Law, Procedure & Practice