International Human Rights Clinic (Human Rights and the Environment)

International Human Rights Clinic (Human Rights and the Environment)

Professor Tyler Giannini
Spring 2012 clinic
2, 3, or 4 clinical credits

Students who enroll in this clinic may count the credits towards the JD experiential learning requirement.

The International Human Rights Clinic (IHRC) of the Human Rights Program (HRP) gives students the opportunity for firsthand experience with the vital issues, institutions, and processes of the human rights movement through domestic and international advocacy and research. In addition to work in Cambridge, students travel regularly with clinical supervisors to document abuses and promote respect for the rule of law. Students' work will generally consist of research, writing, advocacy, and fact-finding. These are just some of the projects on which IHRC is working:

  • Rights of the indigenous peoples of Colombia
  • Prison abuse in Panama and Brazil
  • Torture and unjust imprisonment of environmental-rights defenders in Mexico
  • Prosecution of former Bolivian President and Minister of Defense for attacks on civilians
  • Accountability for US doctors and psychologists involved in torture
  • Human rights issues in Burma and South Korea
  • Land displacement in Israel
  • Apartheid litigation in South Africa
  • Human rights litigation by the gold mining industry in South Africa
  • Prosecution of rights abuses in the Sudan
  • Housing and water rights in South Africa
  • Torture in Somalia in the FSIA case of Samantar v. Yousuf
  • Sexual violence against South African girls
  • Women's rights in Namibia
  • Promoting the new convention on cluster munitions
  • Global Rights' LGBTI initiative

This clinic offering is taken in conjunction with the Human Rights and the Environment clinical seminar. Students who enroll in this clinic will be automatically enrolled in the accompanying seminar.