Animal Law & Policy Clinic

Animal Law & Policy Clinic

Professor Katherine Meyer, Ms. Nicole Negowetti
Spring 2021 clinic
4, or 5 clinical credits

Students who enroll in this offering may count the credits towards the JD experiential learning requirement.

Enrollment in this clinic will fulfill the HLS JD pro bono requirement.

Required Class Component: Animal Law and Policy Clinical Seminar (2 spring classroom credits). This clinic and course are bundled; your enrollment in the clinic will automatically enroll you in this required course.
Additional Co-/Pre-Requisites: This clinic requires that students have completed or are concurrently enrolled in one of the following courses: Animal Law, Wildlife Law, Farmed Animal Law.
By Permission: Yes. Applications are due June 26, 2020. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis after this deadline.
Add/Drop Deadline: December 4, 2020.
Placement Site: HLS.

The Animal Law & Policy Clinic will provide students with direct hands-on experience in animal advocacy on behalf of both captive animals and wildlife, including litigation, legislation, administrative practice, and policymaking.

Application Process: Admission to the Animal Law & Policy Clinic is by permission of the instructors. Interested students should submit an application to Professor Katherine Meyer ( and Nicole Negowetti ( by June 26, 2020. The application should include the following documents, combined into a single PDF: a resume, a writing sample that has not been substantially edited by anyone other than the student, and a statement of interest (no more than 1 page) that includes: (i) which semester the student is applying for; (ii) the student’s reasons for applying to the Clinic, including the particular animal law issues of interest; and (iii) if applying for the fall term, whether the student would be interested in continuing the Clinic during the Spring semester.

In addition to the pre-requisite courses, applicants should indicate in their application whether they have taken any of the following courses:

  • Environmental Law
  • Food Law & Policy
  • Administrative Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Federal Civil Procedure

Subject Areas: Procedure & Practice, Environmental Law, Regulatory Law