Law, Justice, and Design: Making Legal Systems for Human Beings

Law, Justice, and Design: Making Legal Systems for Human Beings

Professor Martha Minow, Ms. Rochael Adranly
Spring 2020 seminar
W, Th 5:00pm - 8:00pm
2 classroom credits

Prerequisite: Enrollment is by permission only; to apply, please send a brief letter of interest to Rachel Keeler ( by November 22.

Exam Type: No Exam

This seminar will provide students with an opportunity to focus on the perspectives of individuals who need to access or navigate the legal system without legal representation. Organized as a workshop, the seminar will ask: What tools of design and law can be used to uncover the needs of individuals facing legal challenges without legal representation? What processes, tools, and systems can we design together to obtain effective navigation and good outcomes for unrepresented individuals within the legal system? We will explore these questions via three contexts - eviction from housing, misdemeanors, and asylum. This course will be active, collaborative, and experiential; students will work in teams, interview people involved in these three processes, experience the processes, and develop proposed innovations.

Note: This seminar will meet over four weeks, on the following dates: January 29 & 30, February 26 & 27, April 1, 2, 22 & 23. During the first week on January 29 and January 30, this seminar will meet in Langdell 233. All remaining class meetings will be held in WCC 3013.

Subject Areas: Procedure & Practice