The Surveillance Society

The Surveillance Society

Professor Lawrence Lessig
Spring 2020 seminar
M 5:00pm - 7:00pm in WCC Room 5052
2 classroom credits

Prerequisites: By permission of instructor. Please send applications consisting of your statement of interest and curriculum vitae to Valentina de Portu at The application deadline is November 4, 2019. Note: If you have not received an email receipt from Ms. de Portu, please email her again today.

Exam Type: No Exam
Weekly essays (short - 1 page) on the readings will be required, as well as a final paper.

In this seminar, we will do a close and slow reading on a range of work describing the emerging technologies of surveillance wrapped into every aspect of social life. Our aim will be to understand the trajectory of this environment, both economic and political, in both the west and China.

Subject Areas: Legal & Political Theory, Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Cyberlaw and Technology, and Arts & Entertainment