International Business Law

International Business Law

Professor Mark Wu
Fall 2019 course
Th, F 9:30am - 11:30am in Hauser Hall Room 104
4 classroom credits

Students who enroll in this offering may count the credits towards the JD international/comparative requirement.

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: Any Day Take-Home

This course aims to provide students with a broad overview of the problems that confront businesses as they go global and how different forms of law work to address such problems. Through a series of examples and case studies, the class will explore the legal and policy implications that arise out of cross-border transactions. How do businesses navigate markets that operate very differently than their own home market? We explore how treaties, national laws, and informal norms shape and constrain business decisions. Among the topics to be explored are how businesses deal with issues such as corporate social responsibility, intellectual property protection, corruption, expropriation, privacy, and enforcement of arbitration awards.

Note: Students who took Law & the International Economy in their 1L year are not eligible to take this course.

Subject Areas: International, Comparative & Foreign Law, Business Organization, Commercial Law, and Finance