Controlling Shareholders

Controlling Shareholders

Ms. Da Lin
Spring 2019 reading group
W 5:00pm - 7:00pm in WCC Room 4057
1 classroom credit

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam

Controlled companies, such as Google, Facebook, and CBS, are an increasingly important feature of America's corporate landscape. This reading group will examine contemporary corporate governance debates surrounding controlled companies, including the value of one-share-one-vote, the best way to protect minority shareholders, and the limits of private ordering. We will address both normative questions (are controlled companies a real problem?) and practical ones (how should controlling shareholders be policed?). In the last class, we will shift our attention to the role and regulation of controlled companies in other countries. The reading group will meet for six two-hour sessions graded credit/fail.

Note: This reading group will meet on the following dates: 2/20, 2/27, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17.

Subject Areas: Business Organization, Commercial Law, and Finance, International, Comparative & Foreign Law, Regulatory Law