Communications Law

Communications Law

Professor Susan Crawford
Fall 2018 course
M 1:10pm - 3:10pm in WCC Room 3018
2 classroom credits

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam
Grades will be based on class participation and a paper.

Rapidly changing computing/communication technologies pose deep challenges to existing regulatory frameworks. This course provides a legal, technological, and policy introduction to these changes and challenges. Although there are no prerequisites for this course, students who have already taken administrative law and/or antitrust law might find that this course both reinforces and applies the concepts introduced in those other courses. Students who have not taken those courses may find this course a helpful way to explore those other subjects. We will cover the regulatory regimes that govern radio, broadcast television, cable television, the telephone system, and Internet access infrastructure.

Subject Areas: Intellectual Property, Cyberlaw and Technology, and Arts & Entertainment, Regulatory Law, Disciplinary Perspectives & Law