Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Professor Sabrineh Ardalan
Fall 2018 course
W 5:00pm - 7:00pm in WCC Room 3019
2 classroom credits

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: Any-Day Take Home

This course will examine the history of immigration to the United States, the constitutional rights of immigrants, the federal agencies that apply immigration and citizenship laws, refugees and asylum protection, immigration outside the law, and the role of state and local actors, among other topics. The course will tackle a range of questions, including: Who is a U.S. citizen? Who can come to the United States as an immigrant or a visitor? When and why can non-citizens be forced to leave the United States? The course will provide students with a basic introduction to U.S. immigration law and current challenges and controversies.

Subject Areas: International, Comparative & Foreign Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Government Structure & Function