Autonomous Vehicles and Local Government Lab

Autonomous Vehicles and Local Government Lab

Professor Susan Crawford
Fall 2018 course
T 1:10pm - 3:10pm in WCC Room 2004
2 classroom credits

Students who enroll in this offering may count the credits towards the JD experiential learning requirement.

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam

The introduction of autonomous vehicles to the streets of American cities is already posing difficult questions of power, authority, and effect on existing public institutions. This lab course is being designed in collaboration with the City of Boston, which is hosting an AV testbed. We will, as a lab, work on several crucial live-fire projects aimed at assisting the city, including but not limited to: What legal/policy levers does the city have to shape its own destiny with respect to AVs? How could AVs be harnessed in the service of public transit? and How could city values of accessibility, growth, equity, and safety best be served by AVs? We will learn about AV technology, the state of AV implementation in other cities around the world, the state of American law, including local government law, with respect to AVs, and other related topics. Group work on projects that will be useful to Boston will be the basis of evaluation.

Subject Areas: Disciplinary Perspectives & Law