Law and Ancient Judaism

Law and Ancient Judaism

Dr. Ayelet Libson
Fall 2017 course
T, W 3:20pm - 4:50pm in WCC Room 3036
3 classroom credits

Note: This course will meet in Hauser 102 until 9/13, when it will begin meeting in WCC 3036 for the remainder of the term.

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam

This course presents the world of the rabbis who created the Talmud, one of the richest texts of law and literature produced in the pre-modern world. As bearers of biblical tradition, the rabbis struggled to preserve their unique religion and culture under the Roman and later Persian empires. All aspects of the human condition—philosophy, ethics, politics, and theology—are the subjects of rabbinic law and thought. This course examines what drove the rabbis to create their legal system, exploring core ideas of rabbinic thought, the structure and form of rabbinic legal argument and narrative, and the historical and cultural context in which the rabbis operated.

Subject Areas: Legal History, International, Comparative & Foreign Law