Corporate Finance: Module IV

Corporate Finance: Module IV

Professor Holger Spamann
Spring 2018 course
M, T 8:00am - 10:10am in WCC Room 3019
1 classroom credit

Note: This module is part of a four-module corporate finance sequence that will span the entire semester, each module being 3 weeks long.

Perequisites: Students must have completed Modules I, II & III.

Exam Type: Any-day takehome

This module will be graded based on a mini-exam at the end of the module, i.e., during the semester.

This new course seeks to develop financial thinking, with applications to legal problems and documents. Concepts to be covered will include (1) arbitrage and the law of one price, (2) market structure and efficiency, (3) problems of asymmetric information and collective action, and (4) options and auctions. Applications will include (1) firm valuation, (2) event studies and trading regulation, (3) financial contracts, and (4) market and contract design. The course will be divided into four modules of three weeks and one credit each that roughly track the numbering above, and students can choose to take only the first one, two, or three modules. The course will emphasize learning through applications: all or some lectures will be pre-recorded for online viewing, and students will spend most or all of the remaining time in class working on problems in groups.

Note: This module will take place from 4/2/2018 to 4/20/2018

Drop Deadline: April 3, 2018 by 11:59 pm EST

Subject Areas: Business Organization, Commercial Law, and Finance