Legal Profession

Legal Profession

Ms. Jamie Wacks
Fall 2017 course
M, T 10:20am - 11:50am in Pound Hall Room 100
3 classroom credits

Students who enroll in this course may count the credits towards the JD professional responsibility requirement.

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: In Class

This course considers three categories of materials. First, we will study the nature of professionalism in American society with readings and problems dealing with practical issues of professional responsibility faced by lawyers in the daily routine of private practice. Second, we will deal with issues faced by the profession as a whole, including the ways of providing effective legal services to all members of the community, regulation of competition, and the imposition of professional discipline. Third, we will also look at the organization and demographics of the profession, its units of practice, and what professional life is like in the twenty-first century. The course also invites students to address the questions: What kind of lawyer do I want to be, and to what kind of profession do you wish to belong?

Subject Areas: Legal Profession, Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility