Innovation in Legal Education and Practice

Innovation in Legal Education and Practice

Professor Scott Westfahl, Ms. Erin Walczewski
Fall 2017 seminar
T 5:00pm - 7:00pm in Pound Hall Room 201
2 classroom credits

Prerequisites: None

Exam type: No Exam

Innovation in Legal Education and Practice will have students work in small teams to develop proposals for innovations in either legal education or legal practice. The course begins with exercises and teaching to create effective innovation teams.  The course then introduces students to design thinking principles and tools in order to enhance their ability to innovate. The goal is to understand what makes for well functioning teams and how such teams can more quickly and more effectively reach innovative breakthroughs.

The second phase of the course focuses on providing support for student teams with the help of a variety of experts on legal education and legal practice. We will have informational sessions about various innovations happening in the law to help give context. Finally, as students develop focus for their projects, the faculty will actively coach them and provide them with learning around how to build and present an effective innovation proposal. Students will be challenged at the end of the semester to present their proposals in an interactive forum to panels of outside expert judges.

Presentations at the end of the course will be judged on the following criteria: innovation, practicality, impact, and quality of presentation. Students will also receive professional feedback on their ideas, and a significant amount of feedback throughout the course.  Benefits of the course include the ability to leverage fellow team members' strengths and experiences and to form close bonds with teammates.

Subject Areas: Procedure & Practice