Community Enterprise Project of the Transactional Law Clinics

Community Enterprise Project of the Transactional Law Clinics

Professor Brian Price
Spring 2018 clinic
4, or 5 clinical credits

Enrollment in this clinic will fulfill the HLS JD pro bono requirement.

Required Class Component: Transactional Law Clinical Workshop (2 spring classroom credits). Once a student is accepted into this clinic, they will be enrolled in the required class component by the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs.

Additional Co-/Pre-Requisites: None.

By Permission:Yes. Initial applications are due April 10, 2017. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis after this initial deadline. Please see below for more details about the application process.

Add/Drop Deadline: Please note that students enrolled in CEP have an early drop deadline of December 1, 2017.

LLM Students: LLM students may apply to CEP by submitting an application.

Placement Site: HLS.

The Community Enterprise Project is a by-application division of the Transactional Law Clinics in which students engage in both direct client representation and community economic development. In addition to representing clients located near the Legal Services Center at Harvard Law School on transactional matters, CEP students work in small groups to connect with community organizations, identify organizational and community legal needs, and develop comprehensive strategies to address those needs while gaining valuable, real-world transactional law experience in a community setting.

To apply to CEP, please submit a statement of interest (no more than 200 words) and resume.

Please note that CEP students must commit to spending at least half of their clinical hours on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays at the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School in Jamaica Plain.

CEP applications should be addressed to Brian Price and Carlos Teuscher and submitted via e-mail to and Interested students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis after the initial deadline.

If accepted, students will register for 4 or 5 clinical credits through the Transactional Law Clinics and 2 course credits for the associated clinical seminar. Continuing TLC students may take CEP for 3, 4, or 5 clinical credits and do not need to register in the associated clinical seminar.

Subject Areas: Business Organization, Commercial Law, and Finance, Procedure & Practice