Human Rights and International Law

Human Rights and International Law

Professor Gerald Neuman
Spring 2018 course
Th, F 9:30am - 11:30am in WCC Room 1019
4 classroom credits

Note: This is one of the 1L required international or comparative courses and is only available to HLS first-year and LLM students.

Prerequisites: None. Students who have taken the International Human Rights course may not take this course.

Exam Type: In-class exam.

This course examines critically what it means to embody human rights conceptions in law at the international level, and how human rights law can be implemented through cooperation among national and international institutions. Topics will include the historical origins of modern human rights law; background international law rules that structure human rights law; connections between civil, political, social, and economic rights; comparative discussion of some specific human rights; and global and regional methods of oversight and enforcement. The course will pay particular attention to the UN Human Rights Committee and to the relationship between the United States and the international human rights system.

Please note that laptops and other electronic communications devices may not be used in class.