Responsive Communities Lab

Responsive Communities Lab

Professor Susan Crawford, Mr. Waide Warner
Fall 2017 course
T 1:10pm - 3:10pm in WCC Room 4059
2 classroom credits

Prerequisites: City Use of Technology is a required co-requisite for this course.

Exam Type: No Exam

This two-credit lab is designed to give students a structured, experiential opportunity to further explore topics surveyed in City Use of Technology, which is a co-requisite. The Lab is designed to bring together students enrolled in City Use of Technology to work on some of the most pressing questions at the intersection of technology and governance. Students will work on semester-long projects that can take the form of policy papers, official recommendations, playbooks, and more. In the past, students have drafted recommendations for the use of risk assessment algorithms in criminal sentencing, created a primer for local officials planning municipal fiber networks, and compared privacy policy regimes as they relate to self-driving vehicles. Some of the classroom time for the Lab will be devoted to doing this work in small groups.

Subject Areas: Disciplinary Perspectives & Law