Globalization: Business, Legal and Public Policy Issues

Globalization: Business, Legal and Public Policy Issues

Mr. Lewis Kaden
Winter 2017 course
M, W, Th, F 9:00am - 12:30pm in WCC Room 3007
3 classroom credits

Prerequisites:There is no formal prerequisite. The materials will include all you need to participate in the discussions and the course will be open to law, business and public policy students.

Exam Type: No exam. Evaluation will be based on active engagement in the class discussions and a short written assignment.

This course explores business, legal and public policy issues arising in the global economy. The class discussions focus on cases which set out factual settings which raise questions of substance, strategy and tactics for many parties involved in the matter, including business organizations, civic groups, governments and multilateral organizations. The topics for the cases include financial crises, trade, cyber sercurity, global labor standards and human rights, law enforcement in multiple jurisdictions, and corruption. In the class sessions, we will concentrate on the choices available to each major participant and we will ask members of the class either individually or in small groups to address those choices throughout the discussion on that case from the position of one of the interests involved in the matter.

Note: This course is jointly-listed with HKS as BGP-450M.

Subject Areas: International, Comparative & Foreign Law, Business Organization, Commercial Law, and Finance