Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights Advocacy

Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights Advocacy

Professor Tyler Giannini
Fall 2016 seminar
W 3:00pm - 5:00pm in WCC Room 3011
2 classroom credits

Students who enroll in this course may count the credits towards the JD experiential learning requirement.

Required Clinic Component: Either the fall International Human Rights Clinic - Advanced or the fall Semester in Human Rights Clinic. Students who enroll in either of these clinics will be enrolled in this required course by the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs.

Additional Co-/Pre-Requisites: Prior semester of the IHRC.

By Permission: Clinical enrollment for the International Human Rights Clinic - Advanced is not by permission and is included in general clinical registration. Clinical enrollment for the Semester in Human Rights Clinic is by permission only. Applications are due April 29, 2016.

Add/Drop Deadline: August 30, 2016.

LLM Students: Due to the pre-requisite, LLM students are not eligible to apply.

Placement Site: HLS.

This seminar offers advanced training on a variety of skills relevant to the work of human rights advocates. It is designed for students who already have at least one semester of experience in the International Human Rights Clinic. Students will work intensively on a skills module of their choice. Past skills modules have focused on media work, fact-finding and interviewing, negotiation and coalition-building, and community-based advocacy. Students also build leadership skills crucial for a career in human rights, exploring ways to set and advance human rights agendas, mobilize constituencies, work in partnership and collaboration with affected communities, and manage projects. The seminar also examines professional ethics and responsibilities by drawing from scenarios based on human rights practitioners' own experiences in the field. Finally, the seminar considers organizational questions, including the effect of organizational mandates on research and advocacy tactics, different institutional cultures, and how to build human rights organizations. Students will have an opportunity to workshop clinical projects and undertake in-depth participatory evaluation of advocacy and litigation strategies.

This seminar is required for students enrolled in the fall International Human Rights Clinic - Advanced or fall Semester in Human Rights. Once a student enrolls in either of these clinics, the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs will enroll them in this required course component.

Subject Areas: Procedure & Practice, Human Rights, International, Comparative & Foreign Law