The Justice Lab

The Justice Lab

Professor Jon Hanson
Spring 2016 course
T 1:00pm - 3:00pm in WCC Room 3018
2 classroom credits

Prerequisites: Students must have previously taken any four-credit course with Professor Hanson, or be simultaneously registered in Professor Hanson’s Systemic Justice.
If you are interested in participating, please email and (and include the words “Justice Lab” in the subject line) so we can give you further details and make you eligible for enrollment. We encourage you to reach out to us early so we can begin discussing paper topics.

Exam: No Exam.

The Justice Lab seeks to develop a new way of approaching societal injustices, while providing students with experience operating in a think tank environment. Students will work in teams drafting policy papers and taking part in the running of The Justice Lab. Students will participate in the selection of “problems” for the lab to address, will identify a variety of relevant experts, stakeholders, and victims of injustice as part of researching the problem, and will coordinate and participate in drafting collaborative policy papers. Some papers will analyze a problem, identify possible solutions, and propose a set of potential policy reforms. Other papers will concern “problem causers,” the often unseen or unmanageably large forces that contribute to many specific problems. Class time will be devoted to presentations, guest lectures and workshops, and discussions of the policy problems. Much of the work will be done outside of class in smaller groups and subgroups. Jacob Lipton will assist with this course.

Subject Areas: Legal & Political Theory