Professor Mark Roe
Fall 2015 course
M, T, W 10:20am - 11:40am in WCC Room 2012
4 classroom credits

Prerequisites: Students must have either taken, or concurrently be taking, Corporations at HLS. Students with prior exposure to business issues can enroll, but must first obtain faculty permission.

Exam Type: In-Class

This basic bankruptcy course covers the major facets of bankruptcy that influence business financing transactions. Much of the deal-making in a financing transaction is negotiated in anticipation of a possible reorganization in Chapter 11 or of a private reorganization in its shadow. For many lawyers, contact with bankruptcy law is anticipatory and not in front of the bankruptcy judge. When feasible, students will read not just bankruptcy court opinions and the Bankruptcy Code, but materials that financing lawyers use day-to-day: a bond indenture, a prospectus, a complaint in a loan dispute, and SEC submissions. Students will ordinarily participate in a simulated Chapter 11 reorganization.

Subject Areas: Business Organization, Commercial Law, and Finance, Regulatory Law