Advanced Negotiation: Multiparty Negotiation, Group Decision Making, and Teams

Advanced Negotiation: Multiparty Negotiation, Group Decision Making, and Teams

Professor Robert Bordone, Ms. Rachel Viscomi
Fall 2015 course
W 1:00pm - 5:00pm in Lewis Room 214B
4 classroom credits

Prerequisites: Negotiation Workshop

Exam Type: No Exam

Class time will include exercises and simulations, lectures, and small group discussion. The workshop will require students to spend significant time outside of class completing reading assignments, preparing for exercises and simulations, writing reflective journals, and completing a final teams project. There is no final examination.

In the fields of law, business, and public policy, many disputes and deals involve more than two parties. Building on the skills and concepts introduced in the introductory Negotiation Workshop, this advanced Workshop introduces students to the special challenges and complexities of multiparty negotiation, group decision-making, and working collaboratively in teams. It also focuses on some of the processes that dispute resolution practitioners may utilize when attempting to manage conflict among multiple parties.

The workshop combines theory and practice in an effort to help students deepen their understanding of negotiation and improve their own effectiveness as negotiators and process-managers in a multiparty context.

Topics addressed will include: the differences between multilateral and bilateral negotiations, coalition dynamics and strategy, group decision-making, role dynamics within groups, leadership, the role of emotions in groups, managing constituencies, and negotiation process design.

Cross-registrants are not eligible and should not apply for this course.

Note:On October 28th, students will go to either Lewis 301 or 302 or Hauser 103 or 105, from 1-6pm, depending on the room they’ve been assigned in class. On November 4th, the course will meet in Lewis 214A and Lewis 302 from 1-6:30pm. On Saturday, November 21st, the course will meet from 10am-5pm in Lewis 214A and Lewis 214B. More information on these meetings can be found in the course syllabus or in class.

Subject Areas: Procedure & Practice