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HLS Deans

John F. Manning, Morgan and Helen Chu Dean and Professor of Law
I. Glenn Cohen, Deputy Dean and James A. Attwood and Leslie Williams Professor of Law
John Goldberg, Deputy Dean and Carter Professor of General Jurisprudence
Elizabeth Papp Kamali, Deputy Dean and Austin Wakeman Scott Professor of Law
Christopher T. Bavitz, Vice Dean for Experiential and Clinical Education and WilmerHale Clinical Professor of Law
Gabriella Blum, Vice Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies and Rita E. Hauser Professor of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
David Wilkins, Vice Dean for Global Initiatives on the Legal Profession and Lester Kissel Professor of Law
Jonathan Zittrain, Vice Dean for Library and Information Resources and George Bemis Professor of International Law



Department/Office Contact Info Department Head Staff Directory

Office of Academic Affairs (OAA)

Griswold Hall 2 South
1525 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the OAA website

Catherine Claypoole
Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs
Academic Affairs Staff Directory

Admissions, J.D. Program

Austin Hall 2nd Floor

Visit the J.D. Admissions website

Kristi Jobson
Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions Officer
J.D. Admissions Staff Directory

Alumni Center

Pound Hall 3rd Floor
1563 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the Alumni website

Steven Oliveira
Associate Dean and Dean for Development and Alumni Relations
Development and Alumni Relations Staff Directory

Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising (OPIA)

Wasserstein Hall (WCC) 4039
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the OPIA website

Catherine Pattanayak
Assistant Dean for Public Service; Director, OPIA
OPIA Staff Directory

Office of Career Services (OCS)

Wasserstein Hall (WCC) 4020
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the OCS website

Mark Weber
Assistant Dean for Career Services
Career Services Staff Directory

Climenko Fellowship

Griswold Hall 1 North
1525 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the Climenko Fellowship website

Susannah Barton Tobin
Assistant Dean for Academic Career Advising
Climenko Fellowship Directory

Clinical and Pro Bono Programs

Wasserstein Hall (WCC) 3085
6 Everett Street

Visit the Clinical & Pro Bono Programs website

Meredith Boak
Assistant Dean for Clinical and Experiential Education and Pro Bono Programs
Clinical and Pro Bono Programs Staff Directory



Visit the Communications website

Melodie Jackson
Associate Dean for Communications and Public Affairs
Office of Communications Staff Directory

Office of Community Engagement, Equity, and Belonging

Wasserstein Hall (WCC)
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the CEEB website

Monica Monroe
Assistant Dean for Community Engagement, Equity, and Belonging
 CEEB Staff Directory

Copy Center

Wasserstein Hall (WCC) B018
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the Copy Center website

Elizabeth Hopkins
Copy Center Manager
 Copy Center Staff Directory

Dean for Administration


Visit the Dean for Administration website

L. Tracee Whitley
Dean for Administration
Dean for Administration Office Staff Directory

Dean of Students (DOS)

Wasserstein Hall (WCC) 3039
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the DOS website

Stephan Ball
Assistant Dean and Dean of Students
Dean of Students Staff Directory

Dean’s Office

Griswold 200
1525 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the Dean’s Office website

Catherine Claypoole
Associate Dean and Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs
Dean’s Office Staff Directory

Event Scheduling and Support

Holmes Hall 1
18 Everett Street

Visit the Events office

Stacy Goodwin
Director of Hospitality and Event Services
Events Staff Directory

Executive Education

Pound Hall, 2nd Floor
1563 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the Executive Education website

Scott Westfahl
Faculty Director, HLS Executive Education
Executive Education Directory

Facilities Management Office

Holmes Hall 4
18 Everett Street

Visit the Facilities website

John Arciprete
Chief of Operations
Facilities Staff Directory

Faculty Support Services (FSS)

Langdell Hall 130

Visit the FSS website

Tara Kripowicz
Director, Faculty Support Services
Faculty Support Services Staff Directory

Financial Office

Hauser Hall 030
1575 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the Financial Office website

Katie McGrath
Associate Dean and Chief Financial Officer
Finance Office Staff Directory

First-Year Legal Research and Writing Program (LRW)

Griswold Hall 1 North
1525 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the LRW website

Susannah Barton Tobin
Assistant Dean for Academic Career Advising
LRW Directory

Graduate Program

Wasserstein Hall (WCC) 5005
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the Graduate Program website

Catherine Peshkin
Assistant Dean of the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies
Graduate Program Staff Directory


Wasserstein Hall (WCC) 3039
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the Housing website

Dianne Ribeirinha-Braga
Assistant Director Campus Housing

Human Resources

Hauser Hall 010
1575 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the HR website

Roxanne Armbruster
Assistant Dean and Chief Human Resources Officer
Human Resources Staff Directory

Information Technology Services

Wasserstein Hall (WCC) B037
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Administrative Services Hub

Visit the ITS website

Pratike Patel
Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Services Staff Directory

International Legal Studies

Wasserstein Hall (WCC) 5005
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the ILS website

Sara Zucker
Director, International Legal Studies
ILS Staff Directory

Learning Experience and Technology (LXT)

Visit the LXT website

Leah Plunkett
Special Director for Online Education & Meyer Research Lecturer on Law


Langdell Hall
1545 Massachusetts Ave.

Ask a Librarian

Visit the Library website

Jocelyn Kennedy
Executive Director, Harvard Law School Library
Library Staff Directory

Office of the Registrar

Wasserstein Hall (WCC) 4007
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the Registrar website

Lisa Burns
Assistant Dean and Registrar
Registrar Staff Directory

Student Financial Services, J.D. Program

Wasserstein Hall (WCC) 5027
1585 Massachusetts Ave.

Visit the SFS website

Natasha Onken
Assistant Dean for Student Financial Services
Student Financial Services Staff Directory

Student Services


Jessica Soban
Dean for Student Services