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November 1, 2016

Case: United States v. Papaya Cellular

A writ of certiorari is granted on the following two questions:

  1. Whether the court of appeals erred in concluding that it would cause an “undue burden” on Papaya Cellular, within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. 2703(d), to require it to write software to override its encryption technology and disaggregate a particular subscriber’s historical cell site information to assist in an ongoing terrorism investigation.
  2. Whether the court of appeals erred in concluding that disclosure of the historical cell site information would violate the Fourth Amendment.

Read the Appendix (Record on Appeal)


Hon. John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice (Ret.), U.S. Supreme Court
Hon. David J. Barron ’94, U.S. Court of Appeals for The First Circuit
Hon. Alison J. Nathan, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York



The Daniel J. Meltzer Memorial Team


Best Overall, Best Brief

Luke Beasley
Benjamin Burkett
William Ferraro
Amanda Mundell, Best Oralist
Trenton Van Oss
Connor Winn, Oralist

The Lucy Stone Memorial Team


Michelle Adler
Victoria Hartmann
Helen Rave
Caroline Trusty, Oralist
Stefanie Tubbs
Mengjie Zou, Oralist

An oralist speaks at the podium at the Ames Moot Court Competition
Watch the video: 2016 Ames Moot Court Competition Final Round United States v. Papaya Cellular 01:36 11/01/2016