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This message is the second in a series of five messages that are intended to help clarify the processes surrounding COVID-related test results and other health-related procedures.

Message 2: What do I do if I am feeling ill?

If you are feeling unwell:

  • Step 1: Log into Harvard University’s complete the health attestation, and await a call from the HUHS COVID Response Team (usually between 24-48 hours).
  • Step 2: Request audio recordings of your classes via the HLS Services Hub (if you are not feeling well enough to make those entries, please let the Dean of Students Office know by emailing and they will arrange for audio recordings on your behalf).
  • Step 3: Stay off campus unless you have been directed by HUHS to come to campus for the sole purpose of dropping off a COVID test in one of the collection bins located near several building entrances. (Test collection bins have been placed near the Hark South entrance and at the back Langdell entrance between Langdell and Areeda). Please immediately depart campus as soon as you have deposited your test and refrain from coming to campus for any other reason until you have been cleared by the HUHS Response Team.

During this period you should continue to request next day recordings by 6 pm each night until you hear from the HUHS Response Team that you are cleared.

If you are determined to be COVID positive and are instructed to isolate, you can submit a recording request for each of your classes for the duration of your isolation period through the HLS Services Hub. For more details on what steps to take and what to expect if you get a positive test, see Message # 1 “What happens if I get a positive COVID test result through the University’s Color system?