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Resource: POLITICO Pro
How to Register: email from your Harvard Law School email address with the Subject “POLITICO Pro Access”

POLITICO Pro Overview:

POLITICO Pro is the country’s pre-eminent policy news reporting service. With the largest and most expert policy newsroom in the nation, POLITICO Pro provides policy professionals and students the in-depth, real-time, and archived policy news essential for their research and awareness needs. Customized alerts, a library of primary source documentation, and proprietary tools, including regulatory trackers and a graphic visualization library called DataPoint provide essential intelligence to satisfy their research and awareness needs. POLITICO Pro’s unparalleled coverage keeps a sophisticated audience of policy readers abreast of the key policy news breaking in Washington, DC and across the nation. Going beyond what readers may read in their morning newspaper, POLITICO Pro specifically tracks news from a policy perspective, reporting on the key influencers (law makers, coalitions, agencies, corporations, committees, etc.) as well as the legislative, regulatory, and policy impact of their actions, and offering critical intelligence and analysis on what’s to come next.

POLITICO Pro provides dedicated coverage of 15 policy areas spanning the entire policy landscape and include: Agriculture, Budget & Appropriations, Campaigns, Cybersecurity, Defense, Education, eHealth, Energy, Financial Services, Health Care, Labor & Employment, Tax, Technology, Trade, and Transportation. Its reporters and editors are the most distinguished and expert in their field. Examples include, Clea Benson, Financial Services Editor, previously with Bloomberg News; Annie Snider, who publishes all of Pro Energy’s water coverage, previously of E&E and widely considered to be the foremost water expert in journalism today; Paul Demko, who spearheads all of Pro Healthcare’s insurance coverage, previously Washington Bureau Chief of Modern Healthcare; and Todd Lindeman, Director of POLITICO Pro Graphics and DataPoint Editor, the award-winning graphic journalist previously of Washington Post notoriety.

Users have full customization of their account, including access to all tools (from Campaign Dashboards, to the DataPoint research and presentation library, to State Tax Trackers and the Document Drawer library of primary source documentation) and the ability to set up custom alerts and sign up for newsletters. This ensures Harvard’s users can cut through the clutter and zero in on the critical intelligence they rely upon, while never missing a critical policy update they need. POLITICO Pro directly supports Harvard Law School students and faculty in their research, publishing, lecturing, and presentation needs.