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Job Opportunity: TA for Spring 2018 IGA 109 “Negotiation and Diplomacy” Professors Robert Mnookin (HLS), Nicholas Burns (HKS) and James Sebenius (HBS) would like to hire a Teaching Assistant for their Spring 2018 class IGA 109 “Negotiation and Diplomacy.” The course explores how modern diplomacy and negotiation can effectively address seemingly “intractable” international conflicts and overcome barriers to agreement in civil wars, interstate conflicts, as well as in trade and finance. Professors Mnookin, Burns and Sebenius are particularly interested in candidates with prior coursework in negotiation, diplomacy and/or diplomatic history. If interested, please send a CV, transcript, and short (1-2 paragraphs) statement of interest in a single PDF file to Dr. Eugene Kogan, Research Director of the American Secretaries of State Project. E-mail: