Paul C. Weiler

Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law, Emeritus

Representative Publications



Weiler, Paul C. Speaking for Fun and Profit (forthcoming).

Weiler, Paul C. & Gary Meyers. Entertainment, Media and the Law (West 4th ed. 2011).
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Weiler, Paul C., Gary R. Roberts, Roger I. Abrams & Stephen F. Ross. Sports and the Law (West 4th ed. 2010).
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Weiler, Paul C. Leveling the Playing Field: How the Law Can Make Sports Better for Fans (Harvard University Press 2000).
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Weiler, Paul C., Howard H. Hiatt, Joseph P. Newhouse, William G. Johnson, Troyen Brennan & Lucian Leape. A Measure of Malpractice (Harvard University Press 1993).
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Weiler, Paul C. & W. Kip Viscusi. Enterprise Responsibility for Personal Injury -- Reporters' Study, Vol. I: The Institutional Framework and Vol. II: Approaches to Legal and Institutional Change (Philadelphia: American Law Institute 1991).

Weiler, Paul C. Medical Malpractice on Trial (Harvard University Press 1991).
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Weiler, Paul C. Governing the Workplace: The Future of Labor and Employment Law (Harvard University Press 1990).
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Weiler, Paul C. In the Last Resort: A Critical Study of the Supreme Court of Canada (Carswell/Methuen 1974).

Shorter Works in Collection

Weiler, Paul C. & David Westfall. "Workplace Regulation and Public Benefits" in Common Law, Common Values, Common Rights: Essays on Our Common Heritage by Distinguished British and American Authors (West Group, 2000).

Articles in a Periodical

Carska-Sheppard, Andrea, Paul C. Weiler & Jim Medford. "Back on Track 2: The Principles of Corrective Justice for Performance Enhancing Malpractice in Sports," 2, No. 1 Pace I.P., Sports & Entertainment Law Forum 137 (2012).
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Weiler, Paul C. & Gary Roberts. "How Arbitration Has Enhanced the Sports World," 13 Dispute Resolution Magazine 14 (2007).
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Weiler, Paul C. "A Principled Reshaping of Labor Law for the Twenty-First Century," 3 University Pennsylvania Journal of Labor & Employment Law 177 (2001).
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Fallon, Richard H. & Paul C. Weiler. "Firefighters v. Stotts: Conflicting Models of Racial Justice," 1984 Supreme Court Review 1 (1985).
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Weiler, Paul C. Labor Issues in Hollywood, Broadway and Baseball presented to the New York Bar Association Conference (January 31, 2004).

Weiler, Paul C. Alternative Forms of Employee Representation or Involvement, IRRA Conference (January 2003).

Weiler, Paul C. How the Law Shapes Our Worlds of Entertainment and Sports, Elmbrook Center (April 2002).

Weiler, Paul C. Law and Economics of The Red Sox Sale, Young Business Leaders Organization (March 2002).

Weiler, Paul C. Baseball Contraction Under Labor and Antitrust Law, Georgetown Law School, Kaiser Memorial Lecture (November 2001).

Weiler, Paul C. Comparative Labor Law, Canadian Bar Association Labor Conference (October 2001).

Weiler, Paul C. Taxpayer Subsidies for Stadiums and Movies, Harvard University Canadian Alumni Association (June 2001).

Weiler, Paul C. A Constructive Labor Settlement for Baseball, HLS West Coast Alumni Association Conference (January 2001).

Weiler, Paul C. Franchise Free Agency, ABA Entertainment and Sports Law Conference (October 2000).

Weiler, Paul C. Harvard Law School's Strategic Plan, European HLS Alumni Association (June 2000).

Weiler, Paul C. International Dimensions of Entertainment Industry, University of Barcelona (May 2000).

Weiler, Paul C. Contemporary Issues in Entertainment World, German Bar Association and Harvard Alumni Association (March 2000).

Works in Progress

Weiler, Paul C. Speaking for Fun and Profit: What the Law Must Do to Enhance Our Entertainment World (2000).

Representative Publications

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