Professor Alvin C. Warren, Jr.

Ropes & Gray Professor of Law

Director, Fund for Tax and Fiscal Policy Research


Representative Publications

  • Graetz, Michael J. & Alvin C. Warren. "Income Tax Discrimination: Still Stuck in the Labyrinth of Impossibility," 121 Yale Law Journal 1118 (2012).
  • Graetz, Michael J. & Alvin C. Warren. "Dividend Taxation in Europe: When the ECJ Makes Tax Policy," 44 Common Market Law Review 1577 (2007).
  • Graetz, Michael J. & Alvin C. Warren. "Income Tax Discrimination and the Political and Economic Integration of Europe," 115 Yale Law Journal 1186 (2006).
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    (reprinted in Comparative Fiscal Federalism: Comparing the European Court of Justice and the US Supreme Court's Tax Jurisprudence (2007, Reuven S. Avi-Yonah, James R. Hines, Jr., and Michael Lang, eds) and in Economics of European Union Law (2007, Paul Stephan, ed.))
  • Warren, Alvin C. "Understanding Long Term Capital," 106 Tax Notes 681 (2005).
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  • Warren, Alvin C. "U.S. Income Taxation of New Financial Products," 88 Journal of Public Economics 899 (2004).
  • Warren, Alvin C. "Income Tax Discrimination Against International Commerce," 54 Tax Law Review 131 (2001).
    Full text: HEIN (Harvard Users) || HEIN || LEXIS || SSRN (Harvard Users) || SSRN || WESTLAW
  • Warren, Alvin C. "How Much Capital Income Taxed under an Income Tax is Exempt under a Cash-Flow Tax?" 52 Tax Law Review 1 (1996).
    Full text: HEIN (Harvard Users) || HEIN || LEXIS || WESTLAW
  • Warren, Alvin C. "Financial Contract Innovation and Income Tax Policy," 107 Harvard Law Review 460 (1993).
  • Warren, Alvin C. Integration of Individual and Corporate Income Taxes (American Law Institute 1993).
  • Warren, Alvin C. "The Relation and Integration of the Individual and Corporate Income Taxes," 94 Harvard Law Review 717 (1981).
  • Warren, Alvin C. "Would a Consumption Tax be Fairer Than an Income Tax?" 89 Yale Law Journal 1081 (1980).


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Assistant: Maura Kelley / 617-495-4642