Mark Tushnet

William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law

Representative Publications


Routledge Handbook of Constitutional Law ( Mark Tushnet, Thomas Fleiner & Cheryl Saunders eds., Routledge forthcoming 2012).
Tushnet, Mark. Why the Constitution Matters (Yale University Press 2010).
Tushnet, Mark. The Constitution of the United States of America: A Contextual Analysis (Hart Publishing 2009).
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Tushnet, Mark, Francisco Forrest Martin, Stephen J. Schnably, Richard J. Wilson & Jonathan S. Simon. International Human Rights & Humanitarian Law: Treaties, Cases, and Analysis (Cambridge University Press 2006).
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Arguing Marbury v. Madison ( Mark Tushnet ed., Stanford University Press 2005).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Tushnet, Mark. A Court Divided: The Rehnquist Court and the Future of Constitutional Law (W.W. Norton 2005).
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The Constitution in Wartime: Beyond Alarmisn and Complacency ( Mark Tushnet ed., Duke University Press 2005).
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Tushnet, Mark. Slave Law in the American South: State v. Mann in History and Literature (University Press of Kansas 2003).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Tushnet, Mark. The New Constitutional Order (Princeton University Press 2003).
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The Oxford Handbook of Legal Studies ( Mark Tushnet & Peter Cane eds., Oxford 2003).
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Defining the Field of Comparative Constitutional law ( Mark Tushnet & Vicki Jackson eds., Praeger 2002).
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Defining the Field of Comparatative Constitutional Law ( Vicki C. Jackson & Mark Tushnet eds., Praeger 2002).
Thurgood Marshall: His Speeches, Writings, Arguments, Opinions and Reminiscences ( Mark Tushnet ed., Library of Black America, Lawrence Hill Books 2001).
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Tushnet, Mark, Geoffrey Stone, Michael Seidman & Cass Sunstein. Constitutional Law: Cases, Text, Materials (Little, Brown 4th ed. 2001).
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Tushnet, Mark & Francisco Forrest Martin. The Rights International Companion to Constitutional Law: An International Human Rights Law Supplement (Kluwer Law International 1999).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Tushnet, Mark. Taking the Constitution Away From the Courts (Princeton University Press 1999).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Tushnet, Mark, Michael Seidman, Geoffrey Stone & Cass Sunstein. The First Amendment (Aspen Law and Business 1999).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Tushnet, Mark. Making Constitutional Law: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court, 1961-1991 (Oxford University Press 1997).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Tushnet, Mark. Constitional Issues: Abortion (Facts on File 1996).
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Tushnet, Mark & Michael Seidman. Remnants of Belief: Contemporary Constitutional Issues (Oxford University Press 1996).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Tushnet, Mark. Brown v. Board of Education (Franklin Watts 1995).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Tushnet, Mark. Making Civil Rights Law: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court, 1936-1961 (Oxford University Press 1994).
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Tushnet, Mark. Constitutional Issues: The Death Penalty (Facts on File 1994).
The Warren Court in Historical Perspective ( Mark Tushnet ed., University Press of Virginia 1993).
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Constitutional Law (International Library of Essays in Law & Legal Theory) ( Mark Tushnet ed., Dartmouth Publishing 1992).
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Comparative Constitutional Federalism ( Mark Tushnet ed., Greenwood Press 1990).
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Tushnet, Mark. Red, White, and Blue: A Critical Analysis of Constitutional Law (Harvard University Press 1988).
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Tushnet, Mark. The Domestic Roots of United States Foreign Policy: The Constitution, Civil Liberties, and the Courts (South End Press 1988).
Tushnet, Mark. The NAACP's Legal Strategy Against Segregated Education, 1925-1950 (University of North Carolina Press 1987).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Tushnet, Mark & Howard Fink. Federal Courts: Practice and Policy (First ed. 1984).
Tushnet, Mark. American Law of Slavery, 1810-1860, The: Considerations of Humanity and Interest (Princeton University Press 1981).
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Shorter Works in Collection
Tushnet, Mark. "The Rise of Weak-Form Judicial Review" in Comparative Constitutional Law 321 (Tom Ginsburg & Rosalind Dixon eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Tushnet, Mark. "Constitution of the United States: Interpretation of the Constitution" in The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History (Stanley N. Katz ed., Oxford University Press, 2009).
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Articles in a Periodical
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Full text: WWW
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(Harvard Public Law Working Paper No. 09-03)
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(in Symposium: The Sixth Conference on Law and Philosophy: The Work of Mark Tushnet)
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Full text: WWW
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Articles in a Newspaper
Tushnet, Mark. "Parting Shots," Guardian Online, 2008, Comment is Free.
Full text: WWW
Tushnet, Mark. "Martin Garbus, The Next 25 Years," Trial, Oct. 2007, at 57 (book review).
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Working or Discussion Papers
Tushnet, Mark. "Against Judicial Review," Harvard Law School Public Law & Legal Theory Working Paper Series, No. 09-20 (2009).
Full text: SSRN
Tushnet, Mark. "Two Essays on District of Columbia vs. Heller," Harvard Public Law Working Paper, No. 08-17 (forthcoming).
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Representative Publications