Ronald S. Sullivan Jr.

Clinical Professor of Law

Director, Criminal Justice Institute

Representative Publications


Shorter Works in Collection

Sullivan, Ronald S. "Classical Racialism, Justice Story, and Margaret Morgan's Journey from Freedom to Slavery: The Story of Prigg v. Pennsylvania" in Race Law Stories 59 (Foundation Press, 2008).
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Sullivan, Ronald S. & David J. Carroll. "Perspectives of the National Legal Aid and Defender Association: An Overview of the Failure of State Governments to Effectively Execute Constitutionally Mandated Indigent Defense Services" in The State of Criminal Justice 2006 (American Bar Association, 2006).

Sullivan, Ronald S. & Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. ""Marchin' On": Towards A Politics For The Twenty-First Century" in Black Men on Race, Gender, and Sexuality: A Critical Reader (Devon Carbado ed., New York University Press, 1999).
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Articles in a Periodical

Sullivan, Ronald S. "Multiple Ironies: Brown at 50," 47 Howard Law Journal 29 (2003).
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Sullivan, Ronald S. "Note, A License to Search: The Plain Feel Exception Under Minnesota v. Dickerson, 113 S.Ct. 2130 (1993)," 11 Harvard BlackLetter Journal 181 (1994).

Articles in a Newspaper

Sullivan, Ronald S. "A Black Kagan Recruit Makes the Case for Confirmation," theGrio, May 13, 2010.
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Sullivan, Ronald S. "Rethinking the NAACP," The Washington Post, Mar 21, 2007, A.15 (op-ed with Eddie S. Glaude Jr.).

Sullivan, Ronald S. "When Eyewitnesses Err," The Washington Post, Apr 21, 2003, A.22 (letter to the editor).

Reports or Studies

Taylor, Paul C., Stephanie Robinson, Eddie S. Glaude & Ronald S. Sullivan. "While Democracy Sleeps: A White Paper on Democratic Citizenship in the United States" (2005).
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National Drug Court Institute & Ronald S. Sullivan. "Critical Issues for Defense Attorneys in Drug Court", Monograph Series 4 (2003).

Internet Publications

Sullivan, Ronald S. Should Law Schools Abandon Clinics: Heather MacDonald and Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. Debate (2006).
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Sullivan, Ronald S. & Jeffrey Berman. Emergency Room Triage: A Review of "Real Justice" (2000).
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Representative Publications

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