Matthew C. Stephenson

Professor of Law

Representative Publications



Manning, John F. & Matthew Stephenson. Legislation and Regulation (Thomson Reuters/Foundation Press 2010).
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Shorter Works in Collection

Stephenson, Matthew. "Corruption and Democratic Institutions: A Review and Synthesis" in Greed, Corruption, and the Modern State: Essays in Political Economy 92 (Susan Rose-Ackerman & Paul Lagunes eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015).
Stephenson, Matthew. "Statutory Interpretation by Agencies" in Research Handbook on Public Choice and Public Law 285 (Daniel A. Farber & Anne Joseph O'Connell eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010).
Stephenson, Matthew. "Judicial Reform in Developing Countries: Constraints and Opportunities" in Beyond Transition (Francois Bourguignon & Boris Pleskovic eds., Oxford University Press, 2007).

Articles in a Periodical

Stephenson, Matthew & Justin Fox. "The Welfare Effects of Minority-Protective Judicial Review," 27 Journal of Theoretical Politics 499 (2015).
Stephenson, Matthew & Justin Fox. "The Constraining, Liberating, and Informational Effects of Non-Binding Law," 31 Journal of Law Economics and Organization 320 (2015).
Stephenson, Matthew & John F. Manning. "Legislation and Regulation and Reform of the First Year," 65 Journal of Legal Education 45 (2015).
Stephenson, Matthew & Jacob Gersen. "Over-Accountability," 6 Journal of Legal Analysis 185 (2014).
Stephenson, Matthew & Justin Fox. "Judicial Review as a Response to Political Posturing," 105 American Political Science Review 397 (2011).
Stephenson, Matthew. "Information Acquisition and Institutional Design," 124 Harvard Law Review 1422 (2011).
Givati, Yehonatan & Matthew Stephenson. "Judicial Deference to Inconsistent Agency Statutory Interpretations," 40 Journal of Legal Studies 85 (2011).
Stephenson, Matthew & Miri Pogoriler. "Seminole Rock's Domain," 79 George Washington Law Review 1449 (2011).
Stephenson, Matthew & Jide O. Nzelibe. "Political Accountability under Alternative Institutional Regimes," 22 Journal of Theoretical Politics 139 (2010).
Stephenson, Matthew & Howell E. Jackson. "Lobbyists as Imperfect Agents: Implications for Public Policy in a Pluralist System," 47 Harvard Journal of Legislation 1 (2010).
Stephenson, Matthew & Jide O. Nzelibe. "Complementary Constraints: Separation of Powers, Rational Voting, and Constitutional Design," 123 Harvard Law Review 617 (2010).
Stephenson, Matthew. "Legal Realism for Economists," 23 Journal of Economic Perspectives 191 (2009).
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Stephenson, Matthew & Adrian Vermeule. "Chevron Has Only One Step," 95 Virginia Law Review 597 (2009).
Stephenson, Matthew. "The Price of Public Action: Constitutional Doctrine and the Judicial Manipulation of Legislative Enactment Costs," 118 Yale L.J. 2 (2008).
Stephenson, Matthew. "Evidentiary Standards and Information Acquisition in Public Law," 10 American Law and Economics Review 351 (2008).
Stephenson, Matthew. "Optimal Political Control of the Bureaucracy," 107 Michigan Law Review 53 (2008).
Stephenson, Matthew & Kristin Hickman. "The Administrative Law of Borrowed Regulations: Legal Questions Regarding the Bankruptcy Law's Incorporation of IRS Standards," 1 Norton Bankruptcy Law Advisor 1 (2008).
Stephenson, Matthew. "Bureaucratic Decision Costs and Endogenous Agency Expertise," 23 Journal of Law, Economics & Organization 469 (2007).
Bueno de Mesquita, Ethan & Matthew Stephenson. "Regulatory Quality Under Imperfect Oversight," 101 American Political Science Review 605 (2007).
Stephenson, Matthew. "Legislative Allocation of Delegated Power: Uncertainty, Risk, and the Choice Between Agencies and Courts," 119 Harvard Law Review 1036 (2006).
Bueno de Mesquita, Ethan & Matthew Stephenson. "Legal Institutions and Informal Networks," 18 Journal of Theoretical Politics 40 (2006).
Stephenson, Matthew. "A Costly Signaling Theory of "Hard Look" Judicial Review," 58 Administrative Law Review 753 (2006).
Stephenson, Matthew. "The Strategic Substitution Effect: Textual Plausibility, Procedural Formality, and Judicial Review of Agency Statutory Interpretations," 120 Harvard Law Review 528 (2006).
Stephenson, Matthew. "Public Regulation of Private Enforcement: The Case for Expanding the Role of Administrative Agencies," 91 Virginia Law Review 93 (2005).
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Stephenson, Matthew. "Court of Public Opinion Government Accountability and Judicial Power," 20 Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 379 (2004).
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Stephenson, Matthew. "Mixed Signals: Reconsidering the Political Economy of Judicial Deference to Administrative Agencies," 56 Administrative Law Review (2004).
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Stephenson, Matthew. "When the Devil Turns...:The Political Foundations of Independent Judicial Review," 32 Journal of Legal Studies 59 (2003).
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Stephenson, Matthew. "A Tale of Two Theories: The Legal Basis for the EPA's Proposed Revision to the Routine Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement Exemption," 33 Environmental Law Reporter 10789 (2003).
Stephenson, Matthew & Ethan Bueno de Mesquita. "Informative Precedent and Intrajudicial Communication," 96 American Political Science Review 755 (2002).
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Stephenson, Matthew. "A Trojan Horse Behind Chinese Walls?: Problems and Prospects of U.S.-Sponsored "Rule of Law" Reform Projects in the People's Republic of China," 18 UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal 64 (2000).

Representative Publications