Henry J. Steiner

Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law, Emeritus

Representative Publications



Steiner, Henry J., Ryan Goodman & Philip Alston. International Human Rights in Context: Law, Politics, Morals (Oxford University Press 3d ed. 2007).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)

Vagts, Detlev F., Henry J. Steiner & Harold Hongju Koh. Transnational Legal Problems (Foundation Press 4th ed. 1994).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)

Steiner, Henry J. Diverse Partners: Non-Governmental Organizations in the Human Rights Movement (Human Rights Program 1991).

Keeton, Page, R. Keeton, L. Sargentich & Henry J. Steiner. Tort and Accident Law (West Publishing Co. 2nd ed. 1989).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)

Steiner, Henry J. Moral Argument and Social Vision in the Courts (Univ. of Wisconsin Press 1987).

Shorter Works in Collection

Steiner, Henry J. "International Protection of Human Rights" in International Law 757 (Malcolm Evans ed., Oxford University Press, 2003).

Steiner, Henry J. "Individual Complaints in a World of Massive Violations: What Role for the Human Rights Community?" in The Future of UN Human Rights Treaty Monitoring 15 (Philip Alston & James Crawford eds., Cambridge University Press, 2000).

Steiner, Henry J. "Do Human Rights Requier a Particular Form of Democracy?" in Democracy, the Rule of Law and Islam 193 (Adel Omar Sherif & Eugene Contran eds., Kluwer Law International Press, 1999).

Steiner, Henry J. "A Gloomy View of Enforcement" in Les Droits de l'Homme: Universalit? et Renoveau 1789-1989 304 (Guy Braibant & G?rard Marcou eds., L'Harmattan, 1990).

Articles in a Periodical

Steiner, Henry J. "Three Cheers for Universal Jurisdiction--Or Is It Only Two?" 5 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 199 (2004).

Steiner, Henry J. "The University's Critical Role in the Human Rights Movement," 15 Harvard Human Rights Journal 317 (2002).

Steiner, Henry J. "Securing Human Rights: The First Half-Century of the Universal Declaration, and Beyond," Harvard Magazine, Sept-Oct 1998, at 45.

Steiner, Henry J. "Social Rights and Economic Development: Converging Discourses?" 4 Buffalo Human Rights Law Review 25 (1998).

Steiner, Henry J. "Freedom of Settlement in Ethnically Divided States: A Human Rights Analysis," 6 Thatched Patio (Conflict and Resolution, Int'l Centre for Ethnic Studies) 44 (1993).

Steiner, Henry J. "Reporting Ethnic Conflict," XLVI Nieman Reports 14 (1992).

Steiner, Henry J. "The Youth of Rights," 104 Harvard Law Review 917 (1991).

Steiner, Henry J. "Ideals and Counter-ideals in the Struggle over Autonomy Regimes for Minorities," 66 Notre Dame Law Review 1539 (1991).

Steiner, Henry J. "Political Participation as a Human Right," 1 Harvard Human Rights Yearbook 77 (1988).

Representative Publications

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