Richard D Parker

Paul W. Williams Professor of Criminal Justice


Representative Publications

  • Parker, Richard D. "The Effective Enjoyment of Rights," 12 German Law Journal 452 (2011).
    Full text: WWW
  • Parker, Richard D. "Homeland: an Essay on Patriotism," 25 Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy 407 (2002).
    Full text: WWW || HEIN (Harvard Users) || HEIN || WESTLAW
  • Parker, Richard D. Here, The People Rule: A Constitutional Populist Manifesto (Harvard University Press 1994).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
  • Parker, Richard D. "The Past of Constitutional Theory--and Its Future," 42 Ohio State Law Journal 223 (1981).


Hauser 514


Assistant: Jane Reader / 617-496-9199