Gerald L. Neuman

J. Sinclair Armstrong Professor of International, Foreign, and Comparative Law

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Neuman, Gerald L., Louis Henkin, Diane Orentlicher & David Leebron. Human Rights (Foundation Press 1999).
((Second Edition 2009) (with Sarah Cleveland and Lawrence Helfer); Documentary Supplement (Foundation Press, 2000)))

Neuman, Gerald L. Strangers to the Constitution: Immigrants, Borders, and Fundamental Law (Princeton University Press 1996).
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Shorter Works in Collection

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Articles in a Periodical

Neuman, Gerald L. "The Brakes that Failed: Constitutional Restriction of International Agreements in France," 45 Cornell International Law Journal 257 (2012).

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(Special Edition)

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(Symposium: The Evolving Definition of the Immigrant Worker: The Intersection Between Employment, Labor, and Human Rights Law Foreword)

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((in Japanese))

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Internet Publications

Neuman, Gerald L. "American Convention on Human Rights" and "Inter-American Court of Human Rights", in the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law Online (Oxford University Press) (2008).
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