Charles R. Nesson

Weld Professor of Law

Representative Publications



Murray, Peter L., Charles R. Nesson & Eric Green. Supplement to Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence (Aspen Law and Business 2003).
(Orginal Edition: Aspen Law and buisiness, 2001)
Nesson, Charles R., Eric Green & Peter L. Murray. Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence, 2003 Supplement (Aspen Law and Business 2003 ed. 2003).
Lessig, Lawrence, Jonathan L. Zittrain, Charles R. Nesson, William W. Fisher & Yochai Benkler. Internet Law (Foundation Press 2002).
Murray, Peter L., Eric Green & Charles R. Nesson. Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence (Aspen Law and Business 3rd ed. 2001).
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Green, Eric D. & Charles R. Nesson. Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence (Little, Brown & Co. 1983).
((with Teaching Manual and 1984 Supplement))
Nesson, Charles R., John Travaline & David Rosenberg. District Court Trial Manual, Massachusetts Defenders Committee (1975).

Articles in a Periodical

Nesson, Charles R. "Constitutional Hearsay: Requiring Foundational Testing and Corroboration under the Confrontation Clause," 81 Virginia Law Review 149 (1995).
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Nesson, Charles R. "Incentives to Spoliate Evidence in Civil Litigation: The Need for Vigorous Judicial Action," 13 Cardozo Law Review 793 (1991).

Articles in a Newspaper

Nesson, Charles R. "Massachusetts Should Embrace Online Poker," Boston Globe, September 16, 2011.
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Nesson, Charles R. Jury Transparency, at Conference on Interference, Culture and Ordinary Thinking in Dispute Resolution, Cardozo Law School (April 2003).
Nesson, Charles R. Reparations Symposium Keynote Speaker, Boston College (March 14, 2003).
Zittrain, Jonathan L. & Charles R. Nesson. "Cyberteaching" keynote via satellite. ALTA '97, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia (October 3, 1997).

Internet Publications

Chayes, Abram, William W. Fisher, Morton J. Horwitz, Frank I. Michelman, Martha L. Minow, Charles R. Nesson & Todd D. Rakoff. The Bridge (1999).
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Unpublished Manuscripts

. "The Latter-Day Fate of Caveat Emptor" (1985)
(unpublished manuscript used in several Harvard Law School classes).

Works in Progress

Nesson, Charles R. Cyberlaw (2001).

Representative Publications