Ashish Nanda

Robert Braucher Professor of Practice

On leave 2014-2015

Representative Publications



DeLong, Thomas J. & Ashish Nanda. Professional Services: Text and Cases (McGraw-Hill/Irwin 2003).

Articles in a Periodical

Coates, John C., Michele deStefano, David B. Wilkins & Ashish Nanda. "Hiring Teams, Firms and Lawyer: Evidence of the Evolving Relationships in the Corporate Legal Market," 36 Law and Social Inquiry 999 (2011).

Groysberg, Boris, Linda-Eling Lee & Ashish Nanda. "Can They Take It With Them? The Portability of Star Knowledge Workers' Performance," 54 Management Science 1213 (2008).

Nanda, Ashish, Boris Groysberg & Nitin Nohria. "The Risky Business of Hiring Stars," 82 Harvard Business Review (2004).

Das, Sanjiv R. & Ashish Nanda. "A Theory of Banking Structure," 23 Journal of Banking and Finance 863 (1999).

Nanda, Ashish & Peter J. Williamson. "Use Joint Ventures to Ease the Pain of Restructuring," 73 Harvard Business Review 119 (1995).

Articles in a Newspaper

Nanda, Ashish. "History Rhymes," AmLaw Daily, Jan. 29, 2010.
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Nanda, Ashish. "Lawyers Should Be Recruited Like Doctors," The American Lawyer, October 13, 2009.

Reports or Studies

Coates, John C., Ashish Nanda & Monet A. Brewerton. "Slater & Gordon (A)", Harvard Law School (2012).
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Coates, John C., Ashish Nanda & Monet A. Brewerton. "Slater & Gordon (B)", Harvard Law School (2012).
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Miscellaneous Publications

Coates, John C., Michele Stefano Beardslee, Ashish Nanda, Erik Ramanathan, Corporate Purchasing Project: How S&P Companies Evaluate Outside Counsel (Harvard Law School Program on the Legal Profession, 2011).

Nanda, Ashish & Monet Brewerton. William Fox, Case Study Number HLS 09-27 (2009).
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Nanda, Ashish, Lauren Prusiner & Monet Brewerton. A Tale of Three Teams, Case Study Number HLS 09-03 (2009).
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Nanda, Ashish & Lauren Prusiner. Linklaters (A): Seeking Clear Blue Water, Case Study Number HLS 08-01 (2007).
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Representative Publications