Peter L. Murray

Visiting Professor of Law

Fall 2015


Representative Publications

  • Murray, Peter L. & Rolf Stuerner. German Civil Justice (Carolina Academic Press 2004).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
    (Comparative treatise on German civil justice system and German civil procedure)
  • Murray, Peter L. & J Sheldon. "Rethinking the Rules of Evidentiary Admissibility in Non-Jury Trials," 86 Judicature 1 (2003).
  • Murray, Peter L. "ADR und die Amerikanische Ziviljustiz" in Aktuelle Entwicklungen des Europaeischen und Internationalen Zivilverfahrensrechts (Gieseking, 2003).
  • Murray, Peter L. "A Morning at the Amtsgericht" in Law and Justice in a Multi-State World: A Tribute to Arthur A. von Mehren 779 (Transnational, 2002).
  • Vagts, Detlev F. & Peter L. Murray. "Litigating the Nazi Labor Claims; The Path Not Taken;," 43 Harvard International Law Journal 503 (2002).
  • Murray, Peter L., Eric Green & Charles R. Nesson. Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence (Aspen Law and Business 3rd ed. 2001).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
  • Murray, Peter L. Maine Evidence, 2001 Edition (Lexis_Nexis 2001 Edition ed. 2000).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
  • Murray, Peter L. "Maine's Overburdened Law Court: Has the Time Come for Maine Appeals Court?" 52 Maine Law Review 44 (2000).
  • Murray, Peter L. "Civil Justice reform in America; The Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 and Its Consequences," 3 Zeitschrift fuer Zivilprozessrecht - International 319 (1999).
  • Murray, Peter L. Basic Trial Advocacy (Little Brown & Co. 1 ed. 1995).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)


Griswold 350


Assistant: Sandra Mays / 617-496-3358