Frank I. Michelman

Robert Walmsley University Professor, Emeritus


Representative Publications

  • Michelman, Frank I. "Unenumerated Rights Under Popular Constitutionalism," 9 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 121 (2006).
    (University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law, Ninth Annual Symposium: The Future of Unenumerated Rights, University of Pennsylvania Law School, February 10, 2006)
  • Michelman, Frank I. "Reflection," 82 Texas Law Review 1737 (2004).
    Full text: WWW || HEIN (Harvard Users) || HEIN || LEXIS || WESTLAW
  • Michelman, Frank I. "The Constitution, Social Rights, and Liberal Political Justification," 1 International Journal of Constitutional Law 13 (2003).
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  • Michelman, Frank I. "The Bill of Rights, The Common Law, and The Freedom-Friendly State," 58 Miami Law Review 401 (2003).
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    (Presented at Symposium, Fiss's Way: The Scholarship of Owen Fiss, University of Miami, March 22-23, 2003)
  • Michelman, Frank I. "The Problem of Constitutional Interpretive Disagreement: Can Discourses of Application Help?" in Habermas and Pragmatism 113 (M. Aboulafia, M. Bookman & C. Kemps eds., 2002).
    (This paper has been republished in Chinese, in the "Practical Philosophy Series," volume "Civic Republicanism")
  • Michelman, Frank I. "Morality, Identity, and 'Constitutional Patriotism'," 76 Denver University Law Review 1009 (1999).
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    (Initially presented at the Annual Legal Theory Symposium (1998), University of Denver College of Law)
  • Michelman, Frank I. Brennan and Democracy (Princeton University Press 1999).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
  • Michelman, Frank I. "The Subject of Liberalism," 46 Stanford Law Review 1807 (1994) (reviewing John Rawls, Columbia University Press, Political Liberalism (1996)).
  • Michelman, Frank I. "Takings, 1987," 88 Columbia Law Review 1600 (1988).
    (Presented a Conference on the Jurisprudence of Takings, Dartmouth College, February 1988)
  • Michelman, Frank I. "Ethics, Economics, and the Law of Property" in Ethics, Economics, and the Law (NOMOS series - 24) (J. Roland Pennock & John W. Chapman eds., New York University Press, 1982).


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