Daniel J. Meltzer

Story Professor of Law



Representative Publications

  • Meltzer, Daniel J. "Executive Defense of Congressional Acts," 61 Duke Law Journal 1183 (2012).
    Full text: WWW
  • Shapiro, David L., Richard H. Fallon, John F. Manning & Daniel J. Meltzer. Hart and Wechsler's The Federal Courts and the Federal System (Foundation Press 6th ed. 2009).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
  • Fallon, Richard H. & Daniel J. Meltzer. "Habeas Corpus Jurisdiction, Substantive Rights, and the War on Terror," 120 Harvard Law Review 2029 (2007).
  • Meltzer, Daniel J. "The Supreme Court's Judicial Passivity," 2002 Supreme Court Review 343 (2003).
    Full text: LEXIS || WESTLAW
  • Meltzer, Daniel J. & Richard H. Fallon. "New Law, Non-Retroactivity, and Constitutional Remedies," 104 Harvard Law Review 1731 (1991).